First Pass Business Case for a $65m Transformation Program


Department of Education & Training

About this project

Australian Government: Department of Education & Training
Business Cases Development and Review
Business Cases Development and Review

Our Role

MXA developed a business case for the $65m Vet Student Loans (VSL) program and chaperoned it through the Department of Finance and DTA processes for approval of the first pass business case.

The Challenges

In this work, MXA had to demonstrate business needs, policy objectives and how the department proposes to use ICT; present realistic ICT options to deliver the outcomes of the proposal and strategies to manage any associated risks; and present broad whole-of-life cost estimates and indicative schedules for each option.

Our Approach

MXA’s work included a solution architecture that will use analytics to reduce fraud, and to implement a complex set of new processes. The legislated processes sought to prevent the opportunity for for fraud to be committed that plagued the previous program.

Due to the compressed timeframes imposed by the budget, MXA completed a full draft of the first pass business case within two weeks of the engagement commencing. We then supported the department in refining the business case through the approval process.


MXA worked with the department as a long-term strategic partner on the transformation journey. Through the first pass business case process, we provided value, capability and quality, listening carefully, to understand challenges and deliver essential support to the department’s digital transformation journey.

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