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MXA was started in 2011 by Canberra professional Justin Butcher, with a vision to create a firm uniquely aligned with client objectives by emphasizing outcomes, executed decisions, and tangible deliverables over timesheets and bodies.

To achieve this, MXA implemented an innovative risk-sharing business model that eliminated many of the conflicts of interest between consultants and clients.

MXA holds itself to the highest bar for talent with a stringent recruitment and retention process. The criterion for remaining within our ranks was, and remains, a demonstrable commitment to client success and the firm values.

Today, MXA is led by Rishni Ratnam, and we continue to evolve our capabilities and business model to better serve our clients in an ever-changing world.

MXA by Numbers

We are proud to have served government agencies, non-governmental organisations and businesses across a range of industries for the past 12 years.


Years in the business
Established in 2011, providing strategic consulting advice for more than 12 years.


Engaged in more than 150 unique and interesting consulting assignments.


Collaborated with over 25 mission-led clients in public and private sectors.
Our Network

We believe that by working together, Australian SMEs can offer better outcomes and closer, value-based relationships that large internal agencies cannot. For this reason, we maintain a network of Australian organisations with whom we collaborate with to bring the right skills and experience to all our engagements.

Award Winning Software Development
A co-pilot for management consultants and business leaders
Sustainable high performance for organisations, teams and individuals
Pioneering Business Architecture, Driving Digital Transformation
Delivering successful projects
Sustainable growth and innovation

What makes MXA different?

We blend deep government and regulated-industry expertise with a practitioner-led team, ensuring unbiased, outcomes-focused solutions without vendor ties. Our commitment to values-led consulting and continually evolving with the most pressing issues of today sets us apart in the consulting landscape.

We understand your context

We specialise in Government and regulated-industry consulting, We have worked with these organisations on many occasions and understand their unique requirements, culture, and ways of working. We are supportive of contemporary issues around building Public Service capability and incorporate time and effort towards skills transfer in our engagements.

We are outcomes-based

We are an outcomes-based organisation, and we are structured to work on a fixed price basis. Our focus is on delivering the outcomes you need, because you pay for the experience of working with us and the quality of our outputs, not the time we spend. We are also experienced in delivering this way and understand how to manage this successfully. 

We are independent

We are independent of any software vendor or solution integrator. We have no vested interests in particular vendors or technologies and do not do “delivery” projects; you can be confident we are not writing recommendations that benefit us later. Our outcomes are aligned to yours.

We are practitioner-led

We are all digital practitioners who have had successful careers and have now moved into consulting. We are not “career consultants”. We have delivered real programs and understand the reality of complex ICT and business change. Our consultants also continually invest in building our own internal digital products. This keeps our skills up to date and our mindset in the reality of delivery.

Our Team

Our firm is made up of a specialist team of Digital Strategy practitioners, with focus and expertise in solving challenges related to Digital Strategy, Design, Projects, and Operations, for public and regulated private sector organisations.

Dr Rishni Ratnam

Digital and ICT Strategy
Artificial Intelligence
Digital Operating Models
Design Thinking

Barry Saunders

Human-centered design
Customer Experience
Product Strategy
Digital Delivery

A/Prof Peter Grant

ICT Strategy
Digital Business Transformation
Large scale projects
Government CIO leadership

Justin Keenan

Subject Matter Expert
ICT Strategy
Digital Business Transformation
Microsoft Expert

Rissa Belardo

Graphic Designer
Graphic Design
Brand Design

Stu Firth

Graphic Designer
Graphic Design

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