First and Second Pass Business Case for a Large Service Program


Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

About this project

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
Digital strategy, implementation planning, design thinking
First pass business case, second pass business case, including agile delivery framework, user scenarios and patterns, solution architecture

Our Role

MXA was engaged to deliver various services over three years through seven related engagements. During this time, MXA developed a detailed second pass business case including user research, business model development, information and system architectures, program plans and cost models.

The Challenges

The Department was given a tight time frame to complete the work associated with the development of a business case and secure the pre-approved ICT funding for the initiative. The program was expected to commence, meet the expectations of key stakeholders, and provide significant benefits to the users within the existing financial year.

Our Approach

MXA’s extensive experience in undertaking similar projects was beneficial in designing an approach. Key activities in the development of the business case included:

  • Leading very effective Design Thinking workshops;
  • Undertaking user research;
  • Building relationships with stakeholders through empathy and understanding;
  • Applying effective co-design with key stakeholder groups to develop the business case and supporting artefacts;
  • Testing and fine-tuning these documents with stakeholders; and
  • Ensuring that key stakeholders fully understood the reasoning behind the program, including the drivers for change and the potential benefits to be realised.

MXA worked collaboratively with the Department of Finance to gain agreement on the draft business case, supporting artefacts and cost models.

In addition, we supported DIIS in developing concrete program management strategies and plans to support the delivery of critical outcomes for the initiative ensuring all key decisions and their impact on benefits were well understood. This was facilitated through an Agile Framework MXA also developed that was used to drive the delivery of genuine user-centered work.


MXA delivered:

  • A comprehensive second pass business case within the constrained time frames. This included an understanding of the true benefits of the program, how to realise them, and a breakdown of expected program costs.
  • Core program management artefacts including: Agile Delivery Framework; Benefits Management Plan;Quality & Assurance Management Plan; Stakeholder Management Products; Stakeholder Profiles; and Design and Architecture Governance Framework.
  • Business Design and Solution Architecture documents including: Business models and business plans for the Whole of Government Grants Hub; User Scenarios and Patterns; Future State Solution Architecture; Application Architecture; Information Architecture; and Authentication Architecture.
  • Advice on the ICT Two Pass Business Case Process.

The program is an incredible exemplar of good planning and is one of the most successful in the Commonwealth government within the last five years. MXA has maintained a strategic relationship with the successfully completed Program.

“MXA provided strategy, architectures and plans for our $92m Single Business Service Program, as part of the two-pass business case process. We’re now two years into the program. The program is running on-schedule, and on budget, based on the schedule and budget that were part of MXA’s work. We’re also delivering benefits that are on track, and that we are measuring based on the benefits management plan that MXA developed for us. There’s no doubt that MXA’s work has been a contributing factor in our highly successful program.”

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