Design & Architecture for a Data Management System Replacement


Workplace Gender Equality Agency

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Workplace Gender Equality Agency
Implementation planning, solution architecture
Transition plan, user stories

Our Role

We were engaged to develop functional and non-functional requirements documents for the Reporting and Data Management System Replacement Project to support a procurement activity.

The Challenges

WGEA is responsible for reporting the gender equality indicators on behalf of the Australian Federal Government. Central to this activity, is the Reporting and Data Management System whereby data is collected from over 5,500 Relevant Employers. This key system had the potential to compromise sensitive employer data and undermine Australia’s reputation. It also has technical limitations which restricted its flexibility and extensibility to evolve to meet agency expectations. Following on from MXA delivering a successful business case and Discovery activities, WGEA engaged us again to conduct the Design & Architecture Phase to ensure the system requirements were captured across all stakeholders and opportunities for the future were identified.

Our Approach

MXA worked with WGEA to methodically create and prioritise requirements covering functionality, expectations around quality of service, and relevant technical requirements and constraints. Definitions and prioritisation were agreed with the leadership team, to ensure that business priorities were central to the conversation. The requirements were then extensively workshopped with managers and subject matter experts to ensure they were technically accurate, consistent in their formulation and represented a consensus view of their relative priority. MXA were mindful of developing a suite of artefacts that would be well received by the market and highlighted the things that were important to WGEA.


The Design and Architecture Phase has given WGEA the level of detail it requires to approach the market with confidence, knowing that it has clearly expressed its needs and priorities across both the functional and non-functional aspects of the solution. MXA delivered the requirements as both documents and an on-line requirements database. This provided WGEA with the ability to update the requirements as circumstances change, and to track the status of all requirements throughout the procurement and delivery stages of the project.

“Through three separate engagements, MXA has taken WGEA on the journey to successfully stand up an ICT transformation project. The agency now has a clear understand of the process, the priorities, and what is important to them and their clients in a system to progress the gender equality agenda.”

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